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We live in a globalized world and in 2021 English remains THE international language for business communication.

Nevertheless countless professionals continue to fall well below par when it comes to their ability to professinally communicate in another language. 

The result? Companies performing at reduced levels of productivity in international markets, cultural barriers within international trade, stunted growth and turnover.


FACT IS: our linguistic skills, or lack of them, dictate our capacity to trade.

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Helen Elizabeth Distel
Managing Director

Helen has over 20 years’ experience in international business with an honours degree in Modern Languages and Communication Studies, having studied at universities in France, Germany and the UK before going on to found her first company, The Language Company International Ltd., in Nottingham, England.

Her multinational clients included Experian, Pfizer, Amore Maille, BMI and Boots International to name but a few.

Helen added yet another string to her bow with her consultancy company, DISTEL Consulting, set up to assist companies in their quest for global growth through internationalization.

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